It is designed to seat passengers and, as of Julythere were operational aircraft used by 34 different operators. After Fairchild ceased this work inproduction of these components was transferred to Sweden.

On 25 Januarythe Saab conducted its maiden flight. During the early s, an enlarged derivative of the airliner, designated as the Saabwas introduced. However, sales of the type declined due to intense competition within the regional aircraft market. InSaab decided to terminate production of the Saab During the s, Swedish aircraft manufacturer Saab AB became increasingly interested in the civil aircraft market.

saab 340 crash

During the late s, internal studies had determined that a short-haul airliner should be optimised to seat around 30 passengers. According to author Gunnar Eliasson, the selection of a turboprop engine made the type less attractive to airlines than jet-powered competitors, however recognised that the General Electric CTA2 engine picked was quite competitive with the jet engines of that era. Towards the end of the s, the regional airliner venture had become the largest industrial venture in Sweden and was recognised as being too large for Saab to conduct alone.

Under this partnership, Fairchild became responsible for the manufacture of sections such as the wings, tail unit, and engine nacelles while Saab was responsible for 75 per cent of the costs of development, system integration and certification.

The shared several manufacturing and design techniques that were used in Saab's military aircraft, such as the then in-development Saab JAS 39 Gripen multirole combat aircraft. One such technique was eliminating the use of rivets on the aluminium structures, using diffusion bonding instead, to reduce weight. Shortly following its launch onto the market inthe Saab became the best selling commuter aircraft in the world.

Indue to Fairchild's decision to exit the aircraft manufacturing business following the completion of the first 40 units, Saab dropped the Fairchild name from the project and proceeded to continue aircraft production, referring to the type under the designation Saab A. A total of A models were manufactured. Inan improved version of the airliner, the second generation Bintroduced more powerful engines and wider horizontal stabilizers ; later production Bs also featured an active noise control system.

A total of aircraft were built.

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Inthe final third generation version, the B Pluswas delivered for service and incorporated improvements that were being introduced at the same time upon the larger Saabitself a derivative of the A total of aircraft were completed, adding up to a total of B models.

The Saab typically seated between 30 and 36 passengers, with 34 seats being the most common configuration. The last two s built were constructed as older configuration seat aircraft for Japan Air Commuter.

One of the major improvements introduced in the B Plus was the installation of an active noise and vibration control system in the cabin, reducing noise and vibration levels by about ten dB during cruising flight. This optional feature carried over from the B was standard in the B Plus along with extended wingtips which was an option on the B, about 30 aircraft having the WT option.

This increased total available cargo volume as the original location intruded into the cargo bin area. The system could also be retrofitted onto existing airliners. DuringSaab was releasing pessimistic press releases on the programme, stating that it was considering the potential closure of production line, but also pledged that it would maintain full support to existing customers if this happened. According to Eliasson, the decision to power the type using turboprop engines rather that jet engines had been provided as one of the reasons for Saab deciding to close down the project; another major factor had been the increasingly competitive and politicised regional airliner market in which various competing airlines were alleged to have substantially benefited from government subsidieswhile the Swedish government were unwilling to make such commitments to Saab's civil projects.

During the s, Saab promoted the in the maritime patrol mission. A specialised variant of the aircraft, designated as the MSAwas mooted; the proposed patrol aircraft is to be equipped with various sensors and combat systems to be capable of performing both anti-surface and anti-submarine warfareas well as signals intelligence and long range search and rescue operations. On 6 Junethe Saab 's launch customer, Swiss operator Crossairreceived their first aircraft.

One week later, the type performed its first flight with paying customers onboard; passengers onboard this flight included Pope John Paul II.Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Premium alcohol is also available on select flights for purchase. More Information. This aircraft is used for very short haul flights. There is very little onboard storage, including under the seat or in overhead compartments.

saab 340 crash

There is the least amount of space under A seats. There is no seat recline, inflight entertainment, or power aboard this aircraft. United flies 1 versions of SAAB Standard Economy Rows Love travel? Sign up for our free newsletter and get the latest news, insights, and money-saving tips. By proceeding, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please enter a valid email address.

Crossair – SAAB – SAAB 340B (HB-AKK) flight CRX498

However this seat is in the last row of the plane, and seats in this row often feel very cramped. However the exit door may protrude and restrict leg space. The front of the plane is particularly noisy due to the proximity of the propellers. The aisle side armrest is moveable, which can provide some extra width for this seat.

The tray tables are stored by the flight attendant and attach onto the armrests. While this may be bothersome, it allows for the armrests to be moved upwards for more space.

On some versions of this aircraft there is a flight attendant jump seat located opposite of this seat, which may be bothersome. Do you know this plane? Traveler photos 4 View all. In-flight amenities Food. Overview This aircraft is used for very short haul flights. I had a hard time seeing outside because of the window placement.Jennifer Wynn. On Oct. This was the first commercial aircraft accident in Dutch Harbor in more than a decade and garnered national attention.

PenAir flies under Part of the Federal Aviation Regulations, the same regulations that govern large air carriers such as Alaska Airlines and Delta.

Passenger fatalities in Part aircraft are extremely rare; this was only the second in the U. PenAir operations into Dutch Harbor were suspended shortly after the crash. Many Alaskans are aware that PenAir went through bankruptcy and was sold in October It is now majority-owned by the same Manhattan-based private equity investment firm that owns Ravn Air Group, and operates as a member of Ravn with shared management positions.

Flight is the 19th accident involving Ravn Air Group members since In the years that followed, the company operated multiple aircraft into the former World War II airfield, culminating with the Saab and ultimately, to best accommodate the demands of its capacity purchase agreement with Alaska Airlines, the Saab Reeve Aleutian Airways, which pioneered civilian operations into the field, also operated a variety of aircraft over the years — some on the original gravel runway — including the DC-3, C, YS and Lockheed Electra.

The common concern for all these companies was the relatively short landing distance — the paved runway is 4, feet long — and the unpredictable winds. After a failed first attempt and go-around on Runway 13, Flight lost control while landing with a tailwind of 20 knots. The archived winds at p. The further you go down the Aleutian chain, the fewer options you have and that is why PenAir used to have so many safety measures in place.

According to former and current PenAir pilots, this has changed under the new ownership. A page dated April 25,from the PenAir Operations Manual, states that the hour PIC minimum may be waived if a company check airman who has flown with the pilot provides a letter of recommendation and the Chief Pilot approves the exception. It is unknown publicly how much Saab flight time the captain of Flight had at the time of the crash, but it is an area of investigation, and any letters providing an exception to that hour PIC minimum will be looked at very carefully.

At a town hall meeting in Unalaska on Oct. Both former PenAir pilots emphasized that before the ownership change, company dispatchers conducted an assessment of landing performance for the total weight of the aircraft, including airport headwinds and tailwinds, prior to departure. In flight, the pilots would recalculate that performance based on current conditions at Dutch Harbor.

Then came a financial crunch, and in Maya Delaware-based corporation, the Ravn Air Group, was formed. In August of that year, J. Lehman Co. Ravn Air Group now had four air carriers.

In Novembera DeHavilland Dash 8 suffered an uncontrolled 5,foot descent over Soldotna, and in Decembera Cessna crashed in Meykoryuk. Marys and a Beechcraft crashed in Deadhorse. And in Octoberthe Saab crashed in Dutch Harbor. In villages and towns, in the Bush and on the road system, in everything from the Cessna to the BeechRavn Air has crashed. And this accident is, of course, Ravn Air. There is no doubt that Ravn Air Group operates more daily flights than any other aviation company in Alaska.

Crossair Flight 498

Thirty-nine people have been killed and injured under its corporate flag since ; seven of them have been killed since J. Lehman became majority owners. Perhaps it is time Ravn management stopped looking at planes and pilots — six of whom died working for the company — and instead consider the responsibility of their own corporate policies, actions and decision-making in this ongoing air safety catastrophe. To submit a piece for consideration, email commentary at adn.

Send submissions shorter than words to letters adn.

KLM Cityhopper Flight 433 - Crash Animation

Read our full guidelines for letters and commentaries here. Subscribe Customer Service.As the original manufacturer of the Saab and we have a deep knowledge of our regional aircraft fleet and are committed to its long-term future. As part of our thinking edge, we strive to deliver long-term support services and aircraft enhancements to make sure that our operators can keep flying the Saab and the Saab for the next 15 years and beyond.

The Saab and the Saab are both reliable, cost effective and safe aircraft. They have provided excellent service to operators across the world since they were first introduced onto the market. The Saab B is a favourite among aircraft passengers, offering flexibility, comfort and reliability, while operators also value it for its cost-effective performance capabilities.

Highly dependable and with low operational costs, the aircraft has consistently generated profits for a wide range of regional air transport services. These attributes make the Saab B an attractive proposition for operators. Defence and security company Saab has signed a four-year parts exchange program PEP agreement with Silver Airways, superseding a similar agreement between the two companies.

Silver is the largest U. A total of of Saab's regional aircraft; Saab and Saabwere produced between and During Saab announced the placement of 25 Saab regional aircraft to ten existing operators as well as nine new airlines.

The seats are one of a series of upcoming modifications to adapt the aircraft into the next 25 years of operations and in line with our long term commitment to the fleet. Home Civil Aerospace Regional Aircraft. Saab B The flexible performer.

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Saab B at a glance The Saab B is a favourite among aircraft passengers, offering flexibility, comfort and reliability, while operators also value it for its cost-effective performance capabilities. Ahighly versatile turboprop Combines high productivity with dependability Consistent 99 percent dispatch reliability Award-winning customer support services. Allows optimisation of skin thicknesses and provides exceptional resistance to fatigue and cracks Fatigue testing on static fatigue test aircraft exceededcycles or 75 years of typical regional operations Utilisation for the current MRB equals 45, flight hours or 90, cycles, with life extension programs available Vendors include General Electric, Dowty, Hamilton Sundstrand, APPH, Collins and PPG.

Downloads Saab Regional Aircraft pdf kb. Emergency Locator Transmitter pdf 81 kb. LED Interior Lighting pdf kb. Cabin Upgrade pdf kb. Technical Services pdf kb. ADSB Out pdf kb. Related news and stories.

Airborne Modular Computers Go. Electromagnetic, Environmental and Structural Tests Go. Technical Information Services Go.Northwest Airlink was the trade name of Northwest Airlines ' regional airline service, which flew turboprop and regional jet aircraft from Northwest's domestic hubs in Minneapolis, Detroit, and Memphis.

Service was primarily to small-to-medium-sized cities and towns where larger aircraft might not be economical to operate and also to larger markets to either provide additional capacity or more frequent flights than could be justified using mainline aircraft. Northwest Airlink was formed on December when Northwest Airlines took steps to enhance its domestic services by entering a marketing agreement with Mesaba Airlines.

Under the agreement Mesaba would operate as Northwest Orient Airlink. Mesaba initially operated commuter and regional turboprop aircraft. The Mesaba fleet at this time comprised fourteen Beechcraft 99 and one Fokker F27 Friendship aircraft. The following air carriers were operating Northwest Airlink service at the time of the merger of Northwest Airlines with Delta Air Lines :.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Northwest Airlink destinations. Companies portal Aviation portal. Delta Connection and Northwest Airlink Carriers. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Compass Airlines. Northwest Airlines. Bombardier CRJ Pinnacle Airlines Corp.Contributing factors: Insufficient understanding of the flight crew of the SAAB B engine oil system; lack of awareness of the consequences of an aircraft configuration with one engine in flight idle; poor crew resource management.

Show all The line between the airports does not display the exact flight path. Accident location: Exact; as reported in the official accident report. It is preliminary and is based on the facts as they are known at this time.

Eleven minutes after takeoff, at hours local time, the flight passed FL, climbing to FL when the Master Warning was triggered by the no. The Master Warning was reset and the captain retarded the no. Possibly this was done to prevent damage to the right-hand engine. The ECL states that the engine must be shut down if the oil pressure warning light is on and oil pressure below 30psi.

If the warning light is on and the engine oil pressure is above 30psi, normal operation should be continued. As the no.

The captain didn't want to continue to Cardiff and elected to return to Amsterdam.

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One minute later a clearance was received to descend to FL KL was offered a straight in approach for either runway 06 or runway 01R.

The captain decided to use runway 06 and was cleared to descend to feet. Landing clearance was given at and one minute later the ILS localizer and glide slope were intercepted. The captain, not realising the consequences of flying with one engine in flight idle and was not able to anticipate correctly on the airspeed variations which resulted in an approach not stabilized in power, airspeed and pitch during the final approach.

This placed the aircraft to the right of the extended centreline at an altitude of 90 feet. At the captain called for a go-around and no. Flaps were set at 7 degrees and the gear was retracted.

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The aircraft rolled right and pitched up to a maximum of 12 degrees. The stall warning system activated as the airspeed decreased and continued until impact. The Saab struck the ground with an approx. Probable Cause:. This map shows the airport of departure and the intended destination of the flight. Saab B. Final report.

saab 340 crash

Evaluate and improve where necessary the current assessment techniques.Two minutes and 17 seconds later, after a right-hand spiral divethe aircraft crashed on an open field near Au, Nassenwil ZH. The ten occupants three crew members and seven passengers were fatally injured by the impact. No Ratings Yet Loading Category: Aviation Accident.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Accident, Incident and Airprox are decreasing year after year even though the global worldwide air trafficin terms of flights and passengers, is constantly increasing. Also no Company can afford an accident any more, in terms of money loss and in terms of bad reputation. No matter if you are an Airline, a Flying Schoola professional or aviation enthusiastic, this website is for you. Airplane crash According to statisticstraveling by air is by far the safest way to travel, yet accidents happens.

An airplane crashes mostly during the initial or last stages of the flight, when there is no time to apply corrective actions. Companies are improving procedures and safety goals to decrease number of occurrences, coping with air traffic growth.

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